K30 vs K50 vs K500



What are the differences between Pentax K30, Pentax K-50 and K-500?


Pentax K50 inherits the best of K30
100% viewfinder coverage with 92% magnification
Uses both Li-ion and AA batteries
Outstanding ergonomics
Focusing Peaking for excellent manual focus experience
Proven low noise and high Dynamic Range 16M CMOS sensor
Weather-resistant body

Pentax K50 comes with fully-fledged features
Composition Adjustment
Eye-Fi wireless transfer
ISO up to 51200
Full time Manual mode during Video capturing mode
Faster and more responsive M processing engine
On-demand autofocus during video recording
Supports 4 focusing screens
Comes in 120 body colors and body design
Comes with all new Pentax DAL WR lens ( new water-resistant lens)

Pentax K500 vs K50
No Weather-Resistant body
No built-in electronic level
No Spot focus indicator in Viewfinder
Only Black color available
More affordable than K50
Comes with Pentax DAL lens (non Water-resistant)