You can now sell your USED ITEMS at our store's USED CORNER. It is an initiative from us to better serve you!




  1. Pentax2u.com provides an advertising facility to the seller (aka person who wish to sell the goods at Used Corner) so that the seller can have a better reach out to potential buyers. The rest of the transaction is between the seller and his/her buyer. 
  2. CAVEAT EMPTOR. Pentax2U.com will not be held responsible for any quality issues, quality claims, authenticity of goods bought and sold in Used Corner, repercussions arising from activities in this facility, and nor will Pentax2U.com be the arbiter of any disputes arising from anybody using this facility. 
  3. No brand-new products can be sold at Used Corner.
  4. Only items related to (usable with) Pentax or Ricoh imaging equipment are allowed to be listed etc Pentax K5 or Sigma lens for Pentax mount.
  5. Pentax2u.com will remove the listing after 1 month irrespective of whether the item is still available for sale. Seller can resubmit the listing request if needed. If the item listed has beens sold, we appreciate seller to drop us an email to notify us so that we can delist it.
  6. Pentax2U.com has the right not to list the request or remove any listing.
  7. Interested Buyers can refer to the item listing information and contact the seller for subsequent purchase logistic.


Submission Process

  1. Seller to send us an email to resale@pentax2u.com
  2. In the email, seller to include
      1. Your name
      2. Contact info or Email address
      3. Full name of the item or product model number you wish to sell
      4. Condition of the item (rate 1 to 5 with 1 as poor and 5 as Mint)
      5. Photos ( minimum 1 photo) of the actual product. Pls limit photo size to around 1024x764. Pls provide decent photo for good photos improve hit rate of your sales.
      6. Selling price of the item in MYR
  3. Shipment mode and cost in MYR
  4. Warranty validty or any personal warranty given
  5. Item serial number ( if it has a serial number)  
  6. Content included (etc original box, lens cap, documentation, warranty card)
  7. All info listed in item 2 will be made available in the product listing 
  8. Fees billable for using this facility
    1. Free for seller who has made any purchase from www.Pentax2U.com before (we will verify your purchase history based on your name or email address)
    2. RM20 for sellers who have not made any purchase from www.Pentax2U.com before. We will not bill you if identical product is requested to be relisted.
  9. Bank in the fee to one of the 3 banks listed HERE and send us the proof of payment. We will refund you the fee if your listing request is rejected for any reason.
  10. Once the email is received, Pentax2u.com will list the information provided (listed in the submission process) to "Used Corner" within 2-3 working days. We may share the seller's listing to our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Pentax2U at our discretion.


The USED CORNER is located HERE