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58 mmNew View Water-resistant Super MC UV Filters

58 mmNew View Water-resistant Super MC UV Filters

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58 mmNew View Water-resistant Super MC UV Filters

Complete Your Weather-resistant System

You have Pentax WR lenses or DA star lenses which are water-resistant, now it's time for you get a water-resistant UV filter.

Ever go to a waterfall to take photos but ended up with photos that were blurr? When water or mist touch on convenstional UV filter, it smears causing blurrness to your photos. With New-View Water-resistant SR MC UV Filters, water will not stay on the filter. It will become droplets and drain off by all by itself without having to be wiped.

A must-have filter for outdoor photography where water is the elements etc waterfall, swimming pool, sea side and raining day. 

 New-View water-resistant SR MC UV filter
   * The filter size in the photo is for illustration only


Water Test 

Bringing Your Weather-resistant DSLRs and Lenses to the Next Level

New-View Water-resistant SR MC UV Filters revolutionize the filter industry.

Filters UV rays (< 400nm) to which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct.

Manufactured using Japan's super thin 1.2mm 7-layers multi-coated top grade optical technology. Achieves best in class Light Transmission Rate of 99.2%.

Black Matte Finish low profile frame ensures no vignetting to your lens.

The above water test illustrates water spilled on New-View Water-resistant SR MC UV Filters will form into circular droplets indicating the water doesn't adhere to the glass. That's the beauty its water-resistant capability.  



 New-View waterproof Super MC UV filter

Don't Leave Home Without It

Since New-View Water-resistant SR MC UV Filters do not change the color composition and exposure of the photo, it's the best filter to be used to protect the front element of your lens.

SR- Super Resistant Water

MC- Multicoated

UV- Ultra Violet

52mm- the filter size (other sizes are available for purchase in ths listing)





7 layers Multi-coated Technology

The left optical glass is of normal coating while the right hand unit is New-View 7-layers multi-coated optical glass which has near zero reflection.

Lower reflection means better light transmission and faithful image reproduction.


Superior Low Profile Design

The left filter is of conventional design. The right unit is from New-View.

The low profile characteristic ensure no vignetting on the lens it attaches to.

 reflection test

 Ring height comparison




New-View's Filter Compared to other brands


NEW-VIEW Waterprood Super MC UV Filter

Other Filter Brands





Waterproof coating film

Water not able to stay on glass

No water-proof coating film

Water stay on glass causing blurness to image

Japan's super 7 layer multi-coated technology for high transmission rate 99.2%( Top of the class)

Superb image quality

Not Multi-coated. Low transmission rate of 89% to 95% only 

Lower transmission rate thus poor image quality

Super slim and low profile frame 5.5mm

No vignetting

Thickness of 6.8mm

Forms vignetting especially when using wide-angle lens or ultra wide-angle lens

High quality aluminum ring

Long lasting

Partially plastic

Easy to wear and tear

Matt-black by Super-oxidization technolgy

No unwanted reflective light reaching the lens

Normal black paint or coating

Causes reflective light leading to flare and ghosting

Anti slip finishing

Anti-slip when turning the filter

No Anti-slip finishing

Easy to slip when fixing or removal

Delicate LOGO by laser inscription

Permanent wordings


Easy to wear and tear

CNC machining with precise screw thread. Tested with original camera lens

100% smooth mounting to all lens 

Low pricision screw thread

Can be difficult to mount to lens

Processed glass rim

No unwanted reflective light reaching the lens 

Non-processed glass rim

Unwanted reflective light reach the lens causing flare and spots on images 

Extra front screw thread 

Able to add additional filters/lens hood/lens cap etc

No front screw thread 

Not able to add additional filters/lens hood/lens cap





Can't find the filter size? 

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