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Aipo AS-25L

Aipo AS-25L

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Aipo AS-25L

The 25 Liters of Armour Against Fungus

25 Liters Capacity ( Best size for user who has only few gears etc one camera and 2-4 lenses)

Digital Digital LCD display for current interior humidity and temperature.

Analog Humidity control with 5 RH% settings

AC 100-240V, DC5V, 1.5VA Worldwide Compatible

35% RH Lowest Achievable Humidity

High Accuracy +-3% RH

Auto Memory Last RH Setting

Slide/Pullable Trays for better arrangement of your grears

Silent Operation and Ultra Thin Hydrystat (paterned technology)

Low Power Consumption of only 5W equivalent to less than 30 cents per month in electricity bill..

Lockable Door (comes with two keys)

Magnetic Sealed Door for best RH control

Cabinet is made from high-quality steel plate with anti-rusty powder coating

Weight is only 4.5kg

Dimension W380 x D260 x H260 mm

Aipo AS-25L 


Comes with 5 Years Warranty from Proling Technology (Malaysia's official local distributor)




About Fungus

Fungus growth is most active in below condition

Relative humidity of at least 60% and reaches its optimum growing rate between 70% and 80% RH, which is the common humidity in our tropical climate.

Dark confined area with no or little air flow

Temperatures between 10 and 35°C


Fungus look


Why do you need a Dry Box?

Dry box can be used to control the ambient humidity to inhibite the growth of fungus.

The cost of cleaning just 2 infected lenses is already higher than the cost of a dry cabinet

If the expensive coating on the glass is infected, this coating will be removed as well during the cleaning process. Thus, the optical quality of the glass will deteriorate (introducing more purple fringing, ghosting, flaring and etc)

Since a lens is so compact and precise, 100% restoration is difficult to be achieved after dismantling your lens for cleaning purposes. Thus, mechanical quality of the lens might suffer as well (introducing more distortion and front/back focusing problem)

Considering all these effects, why not invest in a dry cabinet now? Just treat it as an insurance for your 10k++ equipment.



What RH is meant for photographic equipments?

Relative Humidity RH Optimal Preserved Articles
40% - 50% Chinese paintings, antiques, paper money, stamps, ancient volumes, and etc.
40% - 45% Video cameras, cameras, lens, microscopes, telescope, negatives, video recorders, slides, CD, floppy discs, computer equipment, musical instruments, artistic products, ancient objects, dresses, leather articles, gold and silver utensils, TCM, medicines, tea, spices, superior foods and dessert, and etc.
30% - 40% Semiconductors, high polymer, chemical raw materials, precise instruments, optical measuring devices, electric and electronic parts, components and semi-products, and etc.
Below 30% Reagent, seeds, articles under research, special chemical medicines, precise eletronic components, perfurme, and etc.