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Eureka MH-80 Auto Dry Box

Eureka MH-80 Auto Dry Box

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Eureka MH-80 Auto Dry Box

Eureka MH-80 Auto Dry Box
MH-80 Auto Dry Box

81 Liters

Humidity Range: 

Adjustable Shelf: 
1 Metallic

External Dimension: 
54*47*44 cm (W*H*D)

Internal Dimension: 
50*37.4*35.6 cm (W*H*D)

Door Type: 
Glass Door

Lock Type: 

Power Consumption: 
5 Watts


The Relationship Between Mold Growth, Temperature, and Relative Humidity

Mold grows and proliferates at a temperature range of 12°C~38°C when humidity is greater than 60%. Mold can grow on your camera lenses. Once detected, it may already damage your lens's optical coating degrading its optical performance. That is why proactive solution is needed.

​Eureka dry tech prevents mold development.

What is condensation?

Condensation is water vapor suspended in the air settling on cool surfaces.

By washing, cooking and breathing, the average family creates up to 20 pints (11.36 Liters) of moisture every day. This moisture must go somewhere and be dealt with to avoid condensation. However, condensation could appear in many forms and the most common being steaming windows. And in extreme cases, dark spots of mold will appear. Condensation is the result of a build up of moisture caused by our normal lifestyle and it's unavoidable.

Photography, cinematography, and other equipment collects moisture while in the field. Temperature changes is inevitable when those equipment are stored and transported to a cooler/warmer environment causing condensation ro frosting to occur. In the long term, damages will occur to these pricey investment.

Eureka Auto Dry Box's Solution To Moisture Damages

Eureka Auto Dry Box Series (25%~55% RH) provides the best moisture damage prevention for aging, molding, spoiling, rusting, corrosion, denaturing, etc.

User Friendly: Simply plug in the device, set the desired RH level and the core unit will take care of the rest.

Durable Design: Core units are known for long service life span, proven by millions of users around the world.

Economical: Consumes minimal electricity (averaging 5w/hr) with no regular maintenance or service parts.

Stable: Continuous and silent operation with no affect on ambient noise.

Safe: No compressors, so no overheating concerns to worry about.

Eureka Dry Tech's Supreme Features

Unlike a heated cabinet or dehumidifier, Eureka Dry Tech's Auto Dry Boxes operates in ambient temperature while maintaining low humidity, so items are protected from warping & deformation due to excessive heat effect.

Eureka's dehumidifier "core units" utilizes multi-porous molecular sieves, a powerful desiccant that may be used over and over again without service or replacement parts, thus saves electricity and resources.

Eureka Dry Tech's dehumidifier "core units" are constructed with new high-tech Shape Memory Alloy (SMAs) material so there are no mechanical motors so it operates silently and maintenance-free.

Tempered glass are used on all of Eureka's products with glass doors, providing you with safety and strength in storage.

Warranty Coverage

Eureka dry boxes come with 1 year local manufacturer's warranty coverage.