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HiLab HTC-1 Digital Hygrometer

HiLab HTC-1 Digital Hygrometer

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HiLab HTC-1 Digital Hygrometer


3-in-1 Hygrometer with built-in super accurate Humidity meter, Thermometer and clock functions all in one super large LCD display.

Now at promotional offer of RM57 + 1 year warranty 


HiLab HTC-1 hygrometer is multifunctional and accurate. Equally useful be it in your living room, office or camera dry box.

It's a perfect dry box accessories to keep an eye for humidity levels to keep fungus away from your precious camera and lenses!

You can also use it to check your living condition and working area so that you can control your ambient temperature and humidity accordingly which is critical for health conscious people or humidity sensitive devices like SMT devices.

This is an excellent choice for user who wishes to upgrade their existing analog meter which tend to be of lower accuracy.

- Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously

- Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value

- 12-hour / 24-hour displaying system selectable

- Degree Celsius / Fahrenheit unit selectable

- Integral-hour alarm function

- Alarm function

- Clock & Calendar function (month and date)

- Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging

- Best of all, it is of low power consumption running with only 1 AAA battery.

HiLab HTC-1



DIY your own dry box. You just need

  1. One air tight box to store your camera gears
  2. One HiLab HTC-1 hydrometer to monitor the humidity level
  3. One Aipo Dehumidifier to absorb the humidity in the box



Amazingly accurate and well-designed.

- Temperature Range: -50C~ +70C degree (-58~ +158 fahrenheit) with accuracy of +-1C

- Humidity range: 10%-99% RH with accuracy of +-5%RH

- Resolution: temperature: 0.1 degree(0.1 fahrenheit), , humidity 1% RH

- Accuracy: temperature: +-1 degree (1.8°F), humidity: +-5% RH(40%-80%)

- Power supply: 1.5V (AAA size) x 1 ( battery not included)

- Weight: 150 g

- Dimension: 10.50 x 9.8 x 2.2cm

- Storage condition: -20~60 degree, 20~80%RH

 HiLab HTC-1



Additional Photos of HiLab HTC-1

HiLab HTC-1 HiLab HTC-1
 HiLab HTC-1  




What’s in the box

- 1 unit of HiLab HTC-1 Hygrometer
- 1 year Warranty