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JYC 3.0" Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector

JYC 3.0" Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector

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JYC 3.0" Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector


Ultra Thin Optical Glass for the Best LCD Protection

A scratched LCD is not only cosmetically unsighty, it also devalues your camera's resale value. Protect it now with our LCD screen protector.

It is made from ultra thin 0.5mm optical glass with 8-9H surface hardness and up to 8KG/m^2 elastic pressure. Highly resistant to scratches, rub, scrap, bump and shock. Best protection for your valuable cameras.

This protector achieves over 95% transparent rate (best performance in the market) providing clear faithful reproduction of your LCD screen.

Easy to install and bubbles free, No adhesive backing at the LCD screen except at the border of the film for clearness. Can be removed and reinstall, without leaving residual on your LCD screen.

Provides UV protection to your LCD screen too.


JYC LCD protector

JYC LCD protector


It is made of 6 protection layers :
1. Protection layer,
2. Coating layer,
3. Transparent layer,
4. Colour layer,
5. mount layer,
6. clinging layer.

Super worry-free installation process:
No trimming required, fit directly on your LCD screen.
Just clean your LCD screen first, peel off the white back of the protector to stick, Done!