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Jenova 2536 Back Pack

Jenova 2536 Back Pack

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Brand: Jenova
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About Jenova

For twenty years, JENOVA has built its reputation on legendary quality. The workmanship and quality are the combination of excellent sewing and product engineering that is reinforced with the finest materials, threads, and hardware.

The purpose of a JENOVA camera bag is not only to carry and protect your equipment, but to hold them for convenient, quick access. JENOVA offers a diverse product line to meet all of your specific travel requirements and photographic objectives. Functional designs that people can understand and a strong sense of style make JENOVA products easy to use and a pleasure to own.

JENOVA is recognized throughout the world as the leading manufacturer of camera cases with distribution throughout the Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.



Jenova 2536 Back Pack


Heavily-padded and egonomically designed for your comfort and the safety of your equipment.

Designed to hold any DSLR, digital video camera with wide variety of accessories with padded compartment and multiple access system.

Designed to fit 1 DSLR, 1 flash and 4-6 lenses with accessories.

A must-have for travellers.

Material- high density nylon

Material Dimesion- 25 (L) x 12 (W) x 40 (H) cm

Weight- 1kg

Color- Black


Jenova 2536 Back Pack





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Jenova 2536

Jenova 2536

Jenova 2536





Jenova 2536 Jenova 2536 Jenova 2536


 Jenova 2536

 Jenova 2536





1 year warranty

Comes with 1 Year DSC World Sdn. Bhd. warranty ( the official Malaysia's distributor for Jenova)