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Matin Lens Cleaner ‘Tricot’ - size M (M-6322)

Matin Lens Cleaner ‘Tricot’ - size M (M-6322)

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Matin Lens Cleaner ‘Tricot’ - size M (M-6322)

Highest quality Micro Fibre Cloth

A microfiber is a high-tech special superfine fiber processed to be shrunk to a point where it's thickness is below 1/100 of human hair, and a triangle-shaped fiber has more distinguished absoption force of water and moisture than existing cotton products.

Matin MAGIC CLEANER is produced from Ultra-fine 0.1 denier (a unit of measure of linear density of fiber mass) microfibres for optimum softness and density. It absorbs dirt, grease and moisture more effectively than natural chamois leather, leaving a spot-free finish without scratching.

Matin MAGIC CLEANER is made of Tricot, 20% nylon and 80% polyester.

Specially made for lens and camera body cleaning! Other products might cause micro scratches to your precious lenses or LCD screens, but not ours. 

Very strong & durable

Washable- To clean, hand wash in warm water (up to 30 degree C).

External Measurements: 250 x 350 (mm)

Matin Magic Cleaner



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