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Pentax 645Z Medium Format Camera with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

Pentax 645Z Medium Format Camera with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

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Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens


Pentax 645Z Medium Format Camera with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens 



 Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

Unsurpassed 645 Medium Format power of resolution and natural atmosphere provided by the large CMOS image sensor.
Resolution and depth of expression brought by the size of the imaging surface. This is the reason that medium-format cameras have been chosen for high-end photography that gives the top priority on image quality. The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with a large, 43.8 x 32.8 mm CMOS image sensor. With the size of approximately 1.7-times larger than a 35mm full-frame format, a higher degree of the sharpness and atmosphere of the scene can be captured. Also, because the depth of field is shallow, the blurring effects can be controlled freely. The PENTAX 645Z is all the more effective and expressive to focus on a single point that you want to express for titillating photos.

Overthrow the standards of high quality imaging with 51.4 million effective pixels
The effective pixels of PENTAX 645Z are approximately 51.4 million. This number of pixels is an absolute advantage when photographing subjects, such as scenery, that require high resolution. The difference in sharpness and density of details come across clearly even in A3 size prints. Also, because a rich amount of information is included in each shot, when working with RAW images, tone jumping is less likely to occur, letting you boldly change parameters and freely customize the finish without worrying about ruining the image.

Expanding the realm of exposure settings with Max. ISO 204800
The ultra high-sensitivity max. ISO 204800 is made possible by delicate and thorough noise processing through an image processor and image sensor of a high SN ratio. Even at high ISO settings, excellent image quality is possible with reduced noise and outline blurring. Even in the same shooting conditions, the greater freedom for the wider setting of aperture value and shutter speed allows you to express blur and emotion just the way you like.

Instantly process the high pixel count data of approximately 51.4 million effective pixels with Image processor PRIME III
The PENTAX latest image processor, PRIME III is used. This processor boasts an approx. maximum processing speed that is five times greater than the PRIME II, and instantaneous processing of the large data amounts produced by an approx. 51.4 million effective pixels. This processor also contributes to significantly improved performance, such as a faster Instant Review.

 Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

Design concept that brings out the full potential of the lens resolution with AA-filter-free sensor
Although false colors and moire are suppressed, the low pass filter unfortunately reduces sharpness of the overall image. This filter was removed from the image sensor unit as part of the design concept to give first priority to resolution on the PENTAX 645Z. This construction succeeds in bringing out the full potential of the lens and image sensor's resolution. The unsurpassed resolution representation will resolve individual leaves on trees in a landscape shot.

Newly equipped with diffraction and color fringe correction with Lens compensation function
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with full-featured lens correction functionality. Together with distortion and magnification chromatic aberration, peripheral illumination correction and diffraction correction are newly added. Diffraction that occur when stopping down the lens during shooting are effectively corrected on the PENTAX 645Z. Additionally, it is equipped with fringe correction for use in processing RAW images. This camera will support the higher quality finish.

Fine and smooth gradations
The large CMOS image sensor has ample pixel pitch and output a high SN ratio signal even in a high pixel count. Highlight blowout and loss of shadow detail are uncommon on the PENTAX 645Z, and tonal changes are reproduced in the high pixel count areas only. The smooth connection between shadows and colors provides images with more detailed descriptions.

Beautiful blurring and rich three-dimensional feel
The main feature of medium-format cameras can also been seen in their blurring effects. The depth of field is shallow and blurring is smooth. Subjects captured with the aperture at its widest setting appear more three-dimensional than even when seen with the naked eyes. These features make the soft, rich three-dimensional expression and atmosphere that are particular to medium-format cameras possible for a deeper significance in photographs.

0.9 sec instant review, 5X faster processing speed,  2x faster writing speed to memory card, 25 continous images in RAW and 3X faster USB speed compared to its predecessor Pentax 645D)
Quick response and operation have been achieved by renewing the entire image processing performance. In addition to Auto Focus, image processing, the operation of Instant Review display has been significantly fastened, comparing to the PENTAX 645D. Also, the large-capacity buffer memory is equipped, and the writing time to the memory card has become less, which help you smoothly take a number of RAW-format images with continuous shooting. These features make it possible to continue releasing the shutter with a comfort that had not been possible on medium-format cameras. The PENTAX 645Z is ideal for portrait and moving subject photography.

An advanced Auto Focus system for high precision with SAFOX 11
The AF system used on the PENTAX 645Z is SAFOX 11. Diffraction lenses are used in the optical system for aberration suppression. By sharpening images on the sensor, superb focusing precision is achieved. A light source detection sensor is also included for thorough cancellation of even minute influence on AF from specific artificial light sources. This precision focusing and response system perfectly matches the needs of high-resolution images.

 Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

Superb subject sensing capability with 27 AF points
27 AF points are placed. 25 of those points are cross-type focus points equipped with line sensors in both the horizontal and vertical directions. The excellent sensing capability of this function applies to all subjects.

Pentax Real Time Analysis System
This feature detects the color distribution in the screen, subject color, and its movement, and optimizes automatic linkage and control of AE, AF and white balance. The backbone of this is the scene analysis system that links the approx. 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor and PRIME III. By comprehensively analyzing scenes, high-precision and stable shooting is possible.

Faithfully captures color, shape, and movement for precise analysis with 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor
The PENTAX 645Z uses approximate 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor which captures scenes on a real-time basis, detecting brightness, color, and movement on a scale so finely that it is on a different dimension than the traditional 77 zone metering system. The low-luminance limit is -1EV (ISO 100/55mm, F2.8). This feature achieves a high accuracy of exposure control even with a low illumination.

Favorable color reproduction in all areas of the image with Multi-pattern Auto WB
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with Multi-Pattern Auto WB, which divides the screen into small sections and applies the optimal white balance to each. This function resolves the color temperature differences due to differing light sources, shadow, and sunlight, and provides stable color reproduction that looks similar to the way scenes appear to the naked eyes.

High-speed file writing Dual memory slot
The dual slots conform to the UHS-I standard. With high-speed writing, buffer clearing time is shortened, contributing to quick shooting. Additionally, files are written sequentially to two separate card slots for recording duplicates, and RAW/JPEG separation. Eye-Fi cards and FLU cards (O-FC1, optional) can also be used.
Note: Eye-Fi and FLU cards with wireless LAN functions can be used in SD2 slot.

 Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

Superb focusing precision with F2.8 beam compatible AF
The three AF points at the center of the screen support F2.8 beam AF. When using a lens with a maximum aperture value of F2.8, a high focusing precision is possible. This is especially effective for when you want to make a depth of field extremely shallow or to make severe focus in shots

Equipped with a tiltable LCD monitor that can be moved -35° to 125°
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with an LCD monitor that features a tilt mechanism. It can be moved 35° in a downward direction and 125° upward direction. Coupled with a 3.2 inch, approximately 1.037 million dot, large, high-definition, wide viewing angle panel, this feature makes it possible to shoot at low angles and high angles while looking at the Live View display from a more comfortable position. It also features an air gapless construction that suppresses internal reflections. Reinforced glass with AR coating is used for superb visibility, protection from scratches, durability, and is crush resistant.

Making Contrast AF possible with Live View
This model is equipped with the Live View function which can be used for accurate focus checking on a magnified display (max. 16x). In addition to Contrast AF which obtains extremely accurate focusing, you can set Focus Peaking and Face Detect AF. Because effects such as Custom Image and white balance are reflected on the screen, you can expand your range of expression.

Achieving mobile, hand-held shooting through Integrated design
The PENTAX 645Z inherits the traditional DSLR style from the PENTAX 645 series in its integrated viewfinder, image sensor unit, and grip. Excellent operational reliability and focus accuracy are achieved so you never have to worry about poor connection with the digital back, or focus errors due to poor mounting. Additionally, by optimizing the weight balance and making the grip shape easy to hold, a medium-format digital camera that offers comfortable hand-held shooting is achieved.

Super large and bright optical viewfinder
To make the camera body more compact, a trapezoidal prism was used. The mount is tilted forward at 9° from the body, further optimizing the optical route for a shorter overall height. A Kepplerian telescope type is used for the eyepiece optical system, achieving both a high magnification factor and wide angle of view. This viewfinder features a large field of view rivals that on 35mm full-size cameras. The field of view is approx. 98%, and the screen is replaceable. A natural bright matte is standard, making it easy to capture focus peaks.

High durability mechanism
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with a high-speed, long-life drive unit that clears durability tests of over 100,000 shots, equivalent to double that of the PENTAX 645D. This not only allows you to shoot a continuous shot but also to shoot people and moving objects that are frequently being shot and to make digital archives, all of which meet the difficult needs of pro photographers.

Airtight body that keeps out rain and dust with Dustproof, weather-resistant construction
Anticipating poor conditions encountered in outdoor shooting, this camera features a dust and splash resistant construction. 76 different places including buttons, dials, and covers are carefully sealed to keep out raindrops, humidity, and dust. The same construction is also used on AW lenses. When combined with an AW lens, this camera can shoot even in severe conditions such as. waterfall and dust.

Cold-resistant operation guaranteed to -10°C
This camera was tested in -10°C environments, confirming operation accuracy, stability, responsiveness, and changes in battery status. With this kind of protection, you can always be ready to take the camera into cold environments where the digital devices normally do not work properly.

 Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

Magnesium alloy exterior
The camera exterior and tiltable LCD monitor are made of lightweight and high-strength magnesium alloy. This material provides superb shock absorption, and heat dissipation, as well as excellent electromagnetic shielding, high durability, and reliability. It stands up to hard use and protects the internal precision mechanisms of the camera.

Aluminum die-cast chassis
To achieve a chassis that supports the flange, viewfinder and optical system of the AF light path, a high level of strength and accurate dimensions are necessary. Die-cast aluminum was used for its high strength, achieving a highly precise assembly and high rigidity. Additionally, the image sensor unit is attached to the chassis via a heat dissipation shield. Heat is released by making the rear section of the chassis a heat sink, reducing noise that occurs due to dark current.

Remove dust using ultrasonic vibrations with DR II and Dust Alert
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with DR II (Dust Removal II), to avoid the problem of dust particles. The DRII can effectively remove all dust particles clinging to the surface of the CMOS image sensor unit by vibrating the UV/IR reduction filter with piezoelectric element at supersonic speed.

Movie shooting functions
On the PENTAX 645Z, you can record Full HD movies at a maximum of 60i, and HD movies at a maximum of 60p. Even at the same resolution, when the large image sensor of the PENTAX 645Z is taken advantage of, depiction that overflows with three-dimensional detail can be obtained that rivals cinema camera super 35mm and 35mm full-frame cameras. Because you can apply Custom Image such as Cross Process effects, you can create movies with a diverse array of tones. Setting the maximum sensitivity of ISO 3200 for recording is possible. One of the merit is you can shoot movies with a minimum of lighting. In addition to a built-in stereo microphone, the PENTAX 645Z is also equipped with an external microphone jack (levels can be adjusted).
The compression format is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, and file format is MOV.

Record movies that boast a resolution four times that of Full HD 4K interval movies
4K interval movies function is equipped on this camera which lets you take images that were captured for a certain interval and connect them to record as a single movie. Resolution is approximately four times higher than that of Full HD. With this feature you can experience the world of super high-resolution movies. Full HD and HD is also supported.

- The compression format is Motion JPEG, and file format is AVI.
- The shooting interval can be set from 2 seconds to 1 hour, and the shooting time can be set from 14 seconds to 99 hours. The shooting time available for setting will change depending on the shooting interval.
- Max. shutter speed is 1/30 sec.
- To play back a 4K Interval Movie, a computer environment that supports 4K movie playback is required.

Recording formats that support RAW/JPEG/TIFF files
Recorded format can be selected from RAW, JPEG and TIFF. For RAW images, the PENTAX-original PEF is supported, as well as DNG, which is highly compatible with Adobe applications. JPEG files can be recorded simultaneously with RAW images, and have flexibility in recording size and image quality settings. You can select TIFF when you would like to record with uncompressed format.
*TIFF files can not be recorded simultaneously with RAW and JPEG.

 Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens

Capture subjects that changes moment to moment with Interval shooting/compositing
The shutter will automatically be activated at the set interval and number of shots. This feature is effective for recording subjects that slowly change over time. Interval Merge with multiple exposure is also possible for use with this function. Intervals can be set from 2 seconds to 24 hours, with a maximum of 2,000 shots, for a variety of expressions.

Automatically generates images with a wide HDR (High Dynamic Range)
A single image with a wide dynamic range is created from three images with differing exposures. In addition to adjusting the exposure amplitude*1 according to the scene, because the camera can automatically correct minor changes to the position of the composition between images*2, you can enjoy easy hand-held HDR photography. Also, because the original three images are saved as RAW data, you can use them separately for development as other creations. All three images are saved as a single RAW file, making data management easy.
*1 : Exposure amplitude can only be set when shooting
*2 : Automatic position adjustment may not be possible for large position differences and due to patterns in some subjects.

Select the composite mode according to your expressive intentions with Multi-exposure capability
Set the amount of shots (from 2 to 2,000) and merge them into a single image. Each time the shutter button is pressed, exposure is adjusted and images are merged, and you can check the results in detail on the LCD screen. You can select the composite mode from three options to match your varied expressive intentions.
[Composite Mode]
● Average
Creates a composite image with the average exposure. You can easily enjoy multi-exposure photography without adjusting the exposure for each shot
● Additive
Creates a composite image of the cumulatively added exposure.
● Bright
Compares each shot, selects the bright sections and merges those selected sections. Because the dark sections are left as-is, this is effective for photographing the moon, fireworks, or illuminated buildings and other objects when you want to highlight the contrast.


Controls the camera using a smartphone with Wireless Live View shooting
The PENTAX 645Z is compatible with FLU cards equipped with a wireless LAN function. Using the browser on a smartphone or tablet device, you can control the camera while checking the Live View display. In addition to touching anywhere on the screen to start AF, you can set the exposure, ISO sensitivity, release, as well as view and save recorded images.

* Compatible cards: FLUCARD FOR PENTAX 16GB O-FC1 (sold separately)
* Smartphones and tablet devices that use iOS or AndroidTM can be used.


Detects and displays tilt with two directions Electronic Level
This function detects camera tilt in the left/right directions, and forward/backward directions and displays information in 0.5° increments. In addition to monitoring images when shooting with the viewfinder, it is possible to display the exposure bar in the viewfinder. You can also display this function when shooting in Live View, helping you adjust the composition and camera tilt at the same time.

Tripod socket for vertical use

In addition to the bottom section of the camera, the sides are also equipped with tripod sockets. Because the optical axis does not change when switching from a horizontal to vertical holding position, you can efficiently continue stable shooting.


High speed transfer of images to a PC
In studios that use digital cameras, each trial shot is viewed on a computer so that lighting and camera settings can be refined. With the new Image Transmitter 2 software, the PENTAX 645Z can be remotely operated using a computer. In addition to importing images to a user-set folder on the computer, exposure settings such as aperture and ISO sensitivity can be set, as well as activating the shutter while viewing the Live View screen for significantly improved studio shooting efficiency.

For easier compositions with Detailed square grid display
Two types of new square grids with a narrower vertical/horizontal line pitch(width) are now available, making it easier to capture images that you plan to merge later, and to make recording usage more efficient. Because the grid pattern is tighter than previous versions, it is easier to match the positions of the main subject image and the image for merging. It is also possible to select 16 zones, the golden ratio, and scale display. Because grid colors can be selected from transparent white or transparent black, visibility is guaranteed, as well.

Display Live View or images on an external monitorHDMI™ output
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with an HDMI jack. With this, you can connect the camera to a TV or computer monitor to output Live View or recorded images. This jack provides a variety of uses such as checking images with multiple staff at the same time, and viewing slide shows or movies.
*While the camera is connected to an AV device, nothing is displayed on the camera monitor. Also, you cannot adjust the volume on the camera.


Streamline digital archives through 180° rotating display/recording*
This feature is useful when making copies of images. Normally, when setting materials to shoot at the correct position from the photographer's point of view, the recorded image is rotated 180° as seen in the right figure. Simply rotate 180° to record the rotate information of the correct position. Because Live View and HDMI output is also rotated 180° and displayed, it is easy to operate while viewing on a computer or TV screen.

* Only rotate information is recorded.

Ultra high-speed communication with a PC with USB 3.0
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with a USB3.0 jack. When connected with a compatible computer, high-speed communication that is leaps and bounds beyond USB 2.0 is possible. This feature makes image transfer stress free when shooting with Live View on a computer.


Key/dial operation lock to revent incorrect operation
The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with a key/dial operation lock to prevent mistaken operation of dials and buttons when shooting. In addition to the front/back dials, this feature temporarily deactivates the buttons mainly connected to exposure controls such as exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity. Additionally, the scope of the locking function can be expanded to encompass virtually every button except for the shutter release button.


Pentax 645Z Specification HERE and Pentax 645Z Special Site HERE



This lens is included in this package

Pentax-D FA 645 55mm f/2.8 AL[IF] SDM AW Lens is the first model of the Pentax-D FA 645 lens series created for the Pentax 645D digital medium-format camera. With a focal length that's equivalent to a 43.5mm standard lens (in 35mm), it features optics optimized for digital photography to assure exceptional performance, and also provides an image circle covering the image area of existing 645-format film SLR cameras. It has dependable, dust-proof, weather-resistant construction for active outdoor photography.

This lens features a Supersonic Direct-drive Motor (SDM) autofocus drive and Quick-Shift for instant autofocus/manual focus switching, Aero Bright coating to help prevent flare and ghost images, and it's Pentax's first 645 system lens to incorporate a rounded diaphragm for improved bokeh (the aesthetic quality of the blur in the out-of-focus areas of an image).


State-of-the-Art Optics
Incorporating high-performance, hybrid aspherical optical element in its optics, this new standard lens (focal length equivalent to 43.5mm in the 35mm format) offers exceptional image-resolving power with outstanding brightness levels even at the edges, while compensating various aberrations to a minimum. All lens characteristics are optimized for digital photography: for instance, flare and ghost images are minimized by applying exclusive lens coatings to optical elements and employing anti-reflection materials for the interior of the lens barrel.

Versatile Standard Lens
When mounted on the PENTAX 645D camera body, this standard lens offers a focal length which produces an angle of view close to that of the human eye. As the result, it can be used for many different kinds of subjects and applications, including landscapes and portraits.

Dustproof, Weather-Resistant Construction
Seven special seals make this lens dustproof and weather-resistant. This lens coupled with the Pentax 645D camera body provides a durable, reliable digital SLR camera that performs superbly, even in rain, mist, or locations prone to water splashes and spray. The "AW" (All Weather) designation in the lens name testifies to the weather-resistant construction.

Aero Bright Coating Dramatically Improves Image Description in Backlight
The Pentax original Aero Bright coating on this lens delivers brilliant, high-quality images by preventing flare and ghost images more effectively. This exclusive coating effectively reduces lens reflectance and greatly increases light transmittance by forming a silica aerogel layer with uniform pores on the surface of optical element.

Rounded Diaphragm to Produce a Beautiful Bokeh
The first Pentax medium-format interchangeable lens to feature a completely rounded diaphragm, it creates a natural, beautiful "bokeh" (out-of-focus rendition), while minimizing the streaking effect of point light sources.

Smooth, Quiet SDM Autofocus
The SDM (Supersonic Direct-drive Motor) autofocus mechanism operates smoothly and quietly using the supersonic motor installed inside the lens barrel.

SP Coating Blocks Dust and Dirt
The front surface of the lens is treated with Pentax's SP (Special Protect) coating, which applies a fluorine compound to the lens surface through a vapor deposition process. This SP coating effectively repels dust, water and grease, and also makes it easy to wipe off fingerprints and cosmetics.

Advanced Focus Options
Quick-Shift Focus system instantly switches to manual focus operation, after the subject is captured in focus by the AF system.

 Focal length 55 mm
 Angle of view 53 degrees on 645D, 65 degrees on 645, 645N, 645NII
 Max/ Min aperture F2.8 and F22
 Aperture blades 9
 Lenses/Groups 9 elements in 7 groups
 Min. focus distance 0.5 meters
 Max Magnification 0.17X
 Internal AF Yes
 Tripod ring No
 Filters 67 mm
 Lens hood Yes, supplied
 Weather sealing Yes
 Weight 146 g
 Dimensions 81.3 x 68.2 mm


Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens



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Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens
Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR with Pentax DFA 55 mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW Lens



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Package includes

Pentax 645Z Medium Format Camera
Pentax-D FA 645 55mm f/2.8 AL[IF] SDM AW Lens
Li-ion Battery D-Li90
Strap O-ST150
Large Eye Cup O-EC107
Battery Charger Kit K-BC90
Hotshoe Cover FK
Software CD-ROM S-SW150


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