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Ricoh GR Digital IV

Ricoh GR Digital IV

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Ricoh GR Digital IV


The flagship of Ricoh's digital camera. Designed and built to give you the best of digital imaging. A Professional Camera for the Professionals!


0.2 seconds Hybrid autofocus system

The GR DIGITAL IV employs a hybrid autofocus system that combines an external auto focus with a conventional contrast autofocus system. It is newly equipped with an external autofocus sensor developed in-house that allows for high-speed, high-precision distance calculations for up to 190 points. The camera needs as little as 0.2 seconds for the autofocus to adjust, approximately half the time for the GR DIGITAL III. The scan area for contrast autofocusing is limited so the external autofocus sensor can adjust the focus even if you do not half-press the shutter-release button, allowing for more rapid focus adjustments than previous models. Improvements to the algorithm have increased the speed—as much as doubled it—even for macro autofocusing that uses only the contrast autofocus system.

AF Continuous Shooting

While the shutter-release button is pressed, the camera can take a series of photos while adjusting its focus on the subject using the external autofocus. The camera also still provides set-focus continuous shooting, S-Cont (stream continuous) shooting, and M-Cont (memory-reversal continuous) shooting.

Improved performance in dark scenes

Blur correction feature
The first model in the GR DIGITAL line equipped with an image sensor shift image stabilization feature. Coupled with a bright F1.9 lens, this camera performs even better than previous models under dark conditions. The stabilization effect amounts to as much as 3.2 steps* calculated in terms of shutter speed

ISO sensitivity settings respond flexibly to what you want

The highest possible ISO setting is 3200 (the maximum for the GR DIGITAL III was 1600); the EV can be set in steps of 1 EV or 1/3 EV. Furthermore, using ISO Auto Hi, in addition to setting an upper limit of ISO sensitivity, you can now also set shutter speeds where the ISO sensitivity changes.

Ricoh GR digital IV 


Ricoh GR digital IV



The super bright GR Lens 28 mm/F1.9

The camera is outfitted with the high resolution, high contrast, low distortion GR Lens 28 mm/F1.9. The lens has a large aperture, and corrects aberrations of all types without compromise using Ricoh-developed optics design. Thanks to a 6-group, 8-element lens composition and three special low-dispersion lens elements, high resolution and high contrast are realized while chromatic aberration is suppressed. Furthermore, with the two high-precision, aspherical lens elements, there is hardly any distortion that is noticeable.
The optimized coating tamps down on ghosts from backlights and point light sources. The beauties of the Bokeh and of the beams of light that the 7-blade diaphragm produces are also exceptional.

Newly developed processing engine

With the newly-developed image processing engine, the GR ENGINE IV, color noise reductions when taking high-sensitivity photographs have been achieved. The Auto and Multi-P AUTO algorithms for white balance have also been improved, so that the effects of lighting conditions and subject color are controlled, helping to stabilize and reproduce more favorable colors. Since we also tuned up the color balance, even rather casual subjects like white clouds in a blue sky are rendered more impressively, with rich colors.
Furthermore, the image processing algorithm has been optimized and improvements have been made in the optical filter. The quality of resolution has been improved so it vividly renders subjects in great detail.

High-sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD that boasts of rich tones and low noise

We used a low-noise, wide dynamic range 1/1.7-inch CCD with 10 effective megapixels. It renders even low-light settings naturally and keeps roughness in control. Shadowed areas are cleanly firmed up, and it also excels at reproducing delicate shading. You can be flexible the way you would expect to with a GR DIGITAL in the photos you take by taking advantage of its functionality to, for example, take handheld snapshots using high ISO sensitivities at night or indoors.




New image monitor with a much higher maximal brightness that's easy to view even outdoors

If the brightness controller is set to Auto, the brightness of the image monitor will adjust automatically in accordance with the brightness of the subject. The size is an easily viewed 3-inch screen (approximately 1.23 million-dot* VGA). The wide viewing angle allows for viewing from various directions. In addition, the distance information calculated by the external autofocus sensor can now be displayed as necessary, helping to improve convenience and comfort level.

Supports Multi-format batteries ensuring you will not run out of juice

Ricoh GR D IV can useDB-65 (3.6V) x1, AAA Dry Alkaline Battery x2, AAA Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery x 2, AC adapter (AC-4c option) 3.8V

Ricoh GR digital IV 


Overexposure and underexposure Control

Ricoh's image processing technology and pixel interpolation algorithms are used to control overexposure. By comparing pixel outputs and then predicting and interpolating image data in the overexposed area, the dynamic range has been expanded by as much as +1 EV. We have also added a new Dynamic Range Compensation feature that serves to expand dynamic range. It improves the richness and smoothness of gradations for everything from highlights to dark sections.

Enhanced auto-bracket functions

In addition to the existing settings for exposure and white balance, the camera now includes settings for Contrast Bracket and Dynamic Range Compensation Bracket as well as an Image Setting Bracket feature that allows you to record a sequence of three shots with two image settings of your choice. This eliminates the need to bother with changing photo settings manually. You can continue to take photographs with comfort, just concentrating on the subject.

Scene mode for capturing star trails against a landscape

Take a series of photos of the night sky at a fixed interval. The camera selects and combines only the high-intensity pixel data from each of those images. This is very effective for when you want to combine the trails of the stars and the moon with a landscape. You can also save copies of the images separately before combining them.

Enhanced image setting modes

Two new modes have been added to Image Settings*. The first is Positive Film, which will recall a famous type of film used in the past. The second is Bleach Bypass, with which you can create low chroma, high contrast silvered images. The camera also has standard settings such as High Contrast B & W which gives images the flavor of dramatic monochrome prints and Cross Process for creating unique color combinations. You can apply these image settings regardless of the exposure control mode in use. The breadth of your creations will expand.

Multiple Exposure Shooting, making composite photographs easy and fun

A new feature with this model is the ability to combine up to 5 photos. Have fun getting creative with your photos by creating drama through combining shots of different scenes into a single image. You can adjust the settings in detail as necessary, such as automatically adjusting the amount of exposure in accordance with the number of snaps, saving each image separately before combining, and saving images when combining. You can also use the Retake shot option immediately after you take a photo, allowing you to get the photo you imaged with ease.

Now even bulb shooting is available with Exposure control modes

1cm super macro mode

Ricoh GR digital IV 



Ricoh GR digital IV

New electronic level for informing the horizon and of roll and pitch direction

The electronic level has evolved, now enabling the camera to detect roll and pitch direction along with the traditional horizon direction. This is useful for scenes in which there is no standard horizon line such as natural landscapes or nightscapes. Knowing the roll and pitch direction is effective in helping to take photos with faithful proportions.

My Setting data can be saved to an SD memory card

With My Setting, you can save your favorite camera settings. The number of settings that can be saved to the My Settings Box on the camera has been increased from the 6 on previous models to 12. Furthermore, you can save up to 6 types of settings to an SD memory card. The ease of use and the enjoyment will be increased when you share My Setting data among users.

LCD Auto Dim feature, to reduce the burden on your battery

The Eye-Fi card synching feature, for automatically forwarding photographs



Other Features Explained 

Ricoh GR digital IV Ricoh GR digital IV Ricoh GR digital IV  
The GRD IV re-introduces a 'Hybrid AF' focusing system. Operating as a simple rangefinder, a secondary sensor uses twin lenses (shown at right) to determine the approximate focus distance, at which point the camera's traditional contrast AF system kicks in and fine tunes the final focus position. Fn buttons on the GRD IV can be configured in pairs and you can easily switch between up to four user-generated presets defining the behavior of each Fn button set. The mode dial sits next to a small lockout button that must be depressed in order to rotate the dial.



Ricoh GR digital IV Flash

The internal flash is a manually operated pop-up type. The dimming range is approximately 20 cm to 3.0 m (ISO Auto). It has a full range of modes, including Auto, Flash Synchro., and Manual Flash. with Flash Compensation (-2.0 to +2.0 EV) and Manual Flash (12 steps, from Full to 1/64).







Find out more about Ricoh GR Digital IV

Technical Specification

In-depth write up on Ricoh GR Digital



What’s In the Box

Neck strap
USB Cable
Battery charger
English manual in PDF




2 Years Warranty Coverage

Why buy imported grey units which has no or limited warranty. Worse still the product source is unknown and the quality uncertain. Get from us. our Ricoh products comes with 1 + 1 year ( total 2 years) DSC World Sdn Bhd warranty (the official Malaysia's distributor for Ricoh) if you register online. Buy with confidence! Activate your 2 years warranty HERE