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Ricoh GXR body + A12 GR Lens 50mm f2.5 Macro Kit

Ricoh GXR body + A12 GR Lens 50mm f2.5 Macro Kit

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Each time you slide in a new camera unit, you find a new world of expression.


GXR is a new camera system that consists of a body and camera units. Each camera unit contains a lens (focal lengths differ between units), an image sensor of optimum type and size for the unit, and an image processing engine. By changing units, the photographer can handle a diverse range of scenes in a way that satisfies sophisticated requirements for photo expression. The slide mechanism adopted for attaching and removing camera units enables changes to be made quickly and securely.


Ricoh GXR body + A12 GR Lens 50mm f2.5 Macro Kit

The GR LENS A12 50 mm lens has a focal length of 50 mm. Part of its appeal is that it gives a natural visual field with an angle of view nearly the same as the human eye. The 50 mm focal length is one of the most basic for candid photography.

GR LENS A12 50 mm is also a macro lens. The photographer can enjoy close-up photography to a maximum magnification of 1/2x and, from a wide open aperture setting, obtain images with excellent sharpness and high contrast and resolution to the edge.

The larger the image sensor, the richer the bokeh that can be obtained. GR LENS A12 50 mm uses a 12M Pixels 23.6 mm × 15.7 mm CMOS sensor, which is capable of making full use of superior GR LENS optical performance.

The minimum shooting distance is approximately 7 cm from the front of the lens.

GR LENS A12 50 mm can shoot HD movies. Image size is 1280×720, aspect ratio 16:9, and frame rate 24 frames/second.

GR LENS A12 50 mm has a manual focus ring. When MF is selected as the focus setting, quick and intuitive focusing is possible using the focus ring. In addition, if the focus ring setting selected is AF+MF, after the AF focusing is done it is possible to turn the focus ring to make fine adjustments to the focus.

Aspect ratio setting allows selection of 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, or 1:1.

Ricoh GXR body + A12 GR Lens 50mm f2.5 Macro Kit


Ricoh GXR body + A12 GR Lens 50mm f2.5 Macro Kit

The new GXR is an interchangeable unit camera system in which lenses are changed by using a slide-in mount system to attach camera units to the body. The lens, image sensor, and image processing engine are integrated into the camera units so the body itself does not contain an image sensor.

The adoption of this new system has made it possible to achieve both compact and superior image quality for every photographic situation.

With the image sensor enclosed in a seperate module, it is not exposed when lenses are changed, ensuring dust contaimination is mitigated.

The GXR body is made of Magnisium Alloy material for excellent durability. The surface is covered with a corrosion-resistant "pear-skin" coating for excellent grip and Pro feel to it.



The new DIRECT button, is used to see many current settings superimpose on the LCD displayed.

The 8-multi-directional pad, the three My Settings, the ADJ.lever, and the function buttons all contribute to the even greater flexibility, operability and a job to use.

Super clear 3.0-inch 920,000-dot LCD screen with 100% sRGB coverage for color reproduction, ensure the images are display vividly with true-to-life colors.

Tilt indicator utilizing an acceleration sensor. This allow user to make sure picture taken is perfectly straight.

Three grid guides useful for framing scenery making sure images are properly composed.

THe GXR's maximum ISO 3200 capability facilitates shooting in low light conditions and and blur free images

Ricoh GXR Body



Ricoh GXR body + A12 GR Lens 50mm f2.5 Macro Kit  The GXR is ergonomically designed to excellent comfort at hands.

The Pre-AF function accelerates focusing speed by adjusting the focus to match subject movement.

Comes with full manual exposure modes include program shift mode, shutter priority mode, and aperture priority mode.

Comes with both built-in flash and external flash hotshoe to give you the extra flash capability.



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Included in the package

- Ricoh GXR body + A12 GR Lens 50mm f2.5 Macro Kit

- USB Cable

- A/V Cable

- Hand Strap

- Rechargeable Battery

- Battery Charger

- GXR Software CD-ROM

- Instruction Manuals

- Mount cap

- Connector cap

- Checker

- Soft case




2 Years Warranty Coverage

Why buy imported grey units which has no or limited warranty. Worse still the product source is unknown and the quality uncertain. Get from us. our Ricoh products comes with 1 + 1 year ( total 2 years) DSC World Sdn Bhd warranty (the official Malaysia's distributor for Ricoh) if you register online. Buy with confidence! Activate your 2 years warranty HERE