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Ricoh GF-1 External Flash

Ricoh GF-1 External Flash

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Brand: Ricoh
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Ricoh GF-1 External Flash

Guide .No 60 (24mm - 108 (105mm) (ISO 100 Feet) / 18 (24mm) -33(105mm) (ISO100 m).

This external flash supports TTL flash using pre-flash to provide precise flash exposure.

Supports bounce flash to softly and naturally illuminate the subject with indirect light.

Uses four AA batteries.


It has built-in wide-angle diffuser and catch-light panels. When the wide-angle diffuser panel is used, a coverage angle equivalent to 18 mm is possible.

For Ricoh GR/ GRII, GXR and GRD cameras
Ricoh GXR and GRD GF-1 Flash


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Ricoh GF-1 External Flash                      Ricoh GF-1 External Flash