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Ricoh WG-M2 (Orange)

Ricoh WG-M2 (Orange)

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Brand: Ricoh
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Ricoh WG-M2 Action Camera (Orange)


4K Ultra HD video  ▪  Ultra-wide angle 204 °lens  ▪  F2.0 aperture Ricoh lens  ▪  Waterproof up to 20m  ▪  Shock-resistant up to 2m  ▪  -10C Coldproof   ▪  Dustproof  ▪  No external housing needed  ▪  Motion detection and loop recording  ▪  Built-In Wi-Fi  ▪  Smartphone control  ▪  8M pixels sensor  ▪  Stereo crystal sound  ▪  Large, easy-to-access control buttons  ▪  Image Stabilization ▪  Built-in 1.5" LCD screen with LCD orientation function  ▪ Time-lapsed video  ▪  120 FPS Slow Motion video ▪ Full range of outdoor mounting accessories  ▪  Vibration Assist to Start/Stop recording  ▪  Movie SR  ▪  New underwater white-balance  ▪  Super light weight of approx. 136g


Ricoh WG-M2

Equipped with an impressive 204° ultra-wide-angle lens and built to stand up to nature's fury, the Ricoh WG-M2 Action Cam is a compact, go-anywhere camera ready to capture all of the action in Ultra HD 4K at the amazingly high rate of approximately 100 megabits per second. With the WG-M2, no separate camera housing is required to prepare for rough adventures, as the body is shock-resistant from drops up to 2m, waterproof to depths of 20m for up to two hours, and operable in freezing temperatures down to -10°C.

Ricoh WG-M2The RICOH WG-M2’s 4K format assures astonishingly high-resolution movies at 3840 x 2160 pixels — twice more pixels horizontally and vertically than the Full HD format (1920 x 1080 pixels). It faithfully records breathtaking beauty and thrilling experiences in spectacular, vibrant movies. 

Ricoh WG-M2
The camera's 1/2.3" CMOS sensor also supports Full HD 60p and HD 120p movie formats, allowing you to effortlessly capture beautiful, flawless movies of fast-action sports and lively pets. The 120 fps capability is ideal for creating super slow-motion effects in post. Additionally, the camera takes 8MP stills in single-shot or in burst at approximately 8 fps for 10 frames.

Ricoh WG-M2

You can choose to capture your video and photos using the entire 204° angle of view of the lens, or use a narrower (but still wide-angle) 150° angle of view. A Video Capture Orientation Correction setting is available that lets you rotate the capture image in 90° increments to help adjust for the mounting position of the camera, and help to maintain a level horizon. 

Ricoh WG-M2

Time-Lapse mode links a series of still images captured over a long period of time, and fast-forwards them at 30, 60 or 150 times of normal speed to create dramatic time-lapse movies.  Endless Recoding mode to create extended movie files. This mode automatically creates a series of five-, 10- or 25-minute movie files during extended movie recording, allowing you to document a subject over a very long period of time.

Ricoh WG-M2

No underwater housing is required. The WG-M2 operation is made easy by the large control buttons and 1.5" LCD monitor. It also means that clear audio can be recorded as it will be unimpeded by a housing. For power, the camera includes a rechargeable D-LI68 type lithium-ion battery that provides around 80 minutes of continuous 4K recording.

Ricoh WG-M2

In-body movie editing tools provides a host of user-friendly movie editing tools, including a divide movie mode to segment a movie at desired points, and a still image save mode to capture a frame from a movie file and file it as a still image (maximum image size of 4K).

For additional lens protection, lens protectors for dry-land and underwater use included in this kit.

More Ricoh WG-M2 Specification HERE

Ricoh WG-M2 

Wireless LAN connection and smartphone support. By installing a WG-M1-dedicated application in a smartphone or tablet computer, the user can perform various camera functions from a distance: confirm the status of a subject or scene, release the WG-M1’s shutter, and even check movie recordings in real time. Download the dedicated application "WG-M1" through Google Play or Apple Store and install it to enjoy this feature.

Image Sync 

Image Sync* for Ricoh WG-M2 offers simple image transfer of selected images to another device, as well as previewing and uploading of recorded images to SNS websites on the go.

* Download here on App Store (iOS) and Google Play™(Android™) for free. 


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What's in the Box?

- Ricoh WG-M2
- 1 year warranty coverage