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PENTAX K-1 Body Kit

PENTAX K-1 Body Kit

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Brand: Pentax
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PENTAX K-1 Body Kit

Bringing outstanding performance, operability and affordability to Professional Photography.  

36.4 MP AA-Filter-less CMOS Sensor ▪ SAFOX 12 33 Point AF System with 25 cross-type AF sensors ▪ 5-Axis In-camera SRII Shake Reduction ▪ Pixel Shift Resolution System ▪ 3.2" 1037K dots Cross-tilt LCD Display ▪ Native ISO 204800 ▪ 100% Viewfinder coverage 0.70X magnification ▪ 4.5 fps Shooting ▪ Natural Bright Matt III focusing screen ▪ -3 to 18 EV focusing range ▪ 1/200 sec Flash Sync. ▪ 14-bit Raw recording (DNG or PEF) ▪ Pro-grade 86k pixels RGB exposure meter ▪ Weather-resistant magnesium-alloy body ▪ Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity ▪ Dual SD Card Slots ▪ LCD Viewfinder overlay ▪ Optional adapter to mount 645 lenses ▪ Built-in GPS/Electronic Compass/ASTRO TRACER ▪ Operation Assist LED Illumination ▪ Supports both FF and APSC lenses with auto/ manual switching ▪ 1080/60i video ▪ Focus-peaking ▪ Stereo Mic and headphone ▪ supports Lightroom Tethering Plugin

Pentax K-1 body kitHigh-resolution, fine-gradation images supported by 36.4 effective megapixels sensor and PRIME IV Image Processor. The K-1 features an AA filterless design that prioritizes image resolution. Coupled with the new PRIME IV imaging engine, capable of 14-bit RAW-format image recording. The K-1’s unique full frame sensor and imaging engine design also allows for super-high-sensitivity shooting up to ISO 204800, producing beautiful, high-resolution images. The processor of Pentax K-1 supports 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, and 24p at full HD (1080), and 60p and 50p at HD (720).

The K-1 delivers high-quality imagery through an advanced 36.4MP CMOS sensor that is designed to create detailed images with minimal noise. Guaranteeing maximum resolution, the sensor lacks an anti-aliasing, or optical low-pass, filter though this will cause a higher chance of aliasing and moire. For situations at risk of these artifacts users can leverage an AA Filter Simulator function which slightly moves the sensor in order to mimic the effects of a physical filter.

This sensor combines with the power of the PRIME IV 14-bit image processing engine to create large images with ease and speed. Improving upon the past generation by about 150%, the PRIME IV can deliver photographs at up to 4.5 fps in raw format at sensitivities ranging up to ISO 204800. 

Pentax K-1 body kitIn-body Shake Reduction mechanism assures optimal shake reduction performance. The SR II 5-axis Shake Reduction system that can counter the effects of camera shake by up to 5 stops.. This larger system is optimized for the full-frame sensor and can account for yaw, pitch, and roll as well as vertical and horizontal motion of the camera ensuring shake-free images. Also, due to the stabilization being incorporated into the K-1's body, it functions with every K-mount lens. Even when taking a panning shot, this system automatically detects the direction of the camera’s movement, and efficiently controls the SR unit to always produce the best image possible.

Capitalizing on SRII is the Image Composition Assist function, which allows you to shift the sensor up/down and left/right as well as slightly rotate it. This lets users easily adjust their composition without needing to move their camera and can be useful for delicately balanced tripod work.

Pixel shift resolution system with a new motion correction function. The K-1 uses the latest super-resolution technology, which captures four images of the same scene by shifting the image sensor by a single pixel for each image, and then synthesizes them into a single composite image. This innovative system delivers super-high-resolution images with far more truthful color reproduction and much finer details, while significantly lowering the level of high-sensitivity noise. This feature is a must have solution for users taking produut photography. This is This Pixel shift resolution system is now enhanced to allow hand-held operation expanding its usability in field operation.

Pentax K-1 body kit

Innovative AA filter simulator to minimize moiré. By applying microscopic vibrations to the image sensor unit at the sub-pixel level during image exposure, the K-1’s AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator provides the same level of moiré reduction as an optical AA filter. Unlike an optical filter, which always creates the identical result, this innovative simulator lets the user not only switch the anti-aliasing filter effect on and off, but also to adjust the level of the effect. This means that the ideal effect can be set for a particular scene or subject.

Oustanding optical viewfinder with nearly 100% field of view. Newly developed for its 35mm full-frame design, the K-1’s optical viewfinder provides a nearly 100-percent field of view and an approximately 0.70 times magnification. A Natural Bright Matt III focusing screen allows ease of focusing and a true-to-life rendition of defoc

Pentax K-1 body kit

A professional body built for those who expect nothing less. Durability has always been one of Pentax's strong suits, and the K-1 is no exception with a stainless steel chassis covered in a magnesium alloy shell that is tough and lightweight. Also, the K-1 is sealed in 87 places to ensure no rain or dust will take your camera out of commission. The camera is designed to handle freezing temperatures as well, with a rating down to -10°F. 

Built-in GPS, Compass, and AstroTracer. The GPS feature records shooting location, facing direction, and date and time into image data. Electronic Compass records the shooting direction, and Astro Tracer combines these features with SRII shake reduction to capture rock-steady images of heavenly objects in the night sky without streaking or blurring during long exposures.

Pentax K-1 body kit

Flexible innovative Cross-tilt LCD monitor to accommodate various shooting angles. The K-1 features a newly designed, flexible Cross-tilt LCD monitor, which tilts horizontally, vertically or diagonally with a single action, without deviating from the lens’s optical axis. for tilt 44° down and 90° upward as well as 35° left and right can be achieved, the LCD panel can even be laid flat up or down. The 3.2-inch LCD monitor features a tempered-glass front panel for added durability and a unique air-gapless construction effectively reduces reflection.

Newly developed SAFOX 12 with 33 sensor points and full-frame-proportioned af frame. With coverage widened by about 1.2x, the latest SAFOX 12 AF system is optimized for the full-frame image sensor. The SAFOX 12 AF sensor module features 33 AF sensors (25 cross-type sensors positioned in the middle). The center sensor and the two sensors located just above and below it are designed to detect the light flux of an F2.8 lens, making it easy to obtain pinpoint focus on a subject when using a large-aperture lens. The system can operate down to -3 EV using the 25 center sensor and will benefit dark scenes as well as extreme backlighting. Users will also have access to zone select and expanded area AF modes....that's a virtually total darkness scenario!!!

Pentax K-1

Upgraded pentax real-time scene analysis system, with application of artificial intelligence technology. The K-1’s advanced PENTAX Real-Time Scene Analysis System performs near instant analysis of exposure, color, movement and other factors. Combining with a breakthrough artificial intelligence technology called deep learning, the K-1 instantly optimizes settings for even the most difficult shooting situations.

Operation assist LED lighting that's 1st in the market. The Pentax K-1 comes with built-in LED lighting system at the front and rear of the camera (four LED lights on the back of the monitor to illuminates the rear buttons and a LED that illuminates the lens mount). A thoughtful design to faciliate your photographic enjoyment during pitch dark operation.

All new "Smart Dial" known as the 3rd command dial which gives user accessibiliyt to call up important function at the turn of the dial. This is a very convenient shortcut to access and change your most frequently used functions to ensures user is able to operate the camera at higher operational efficiency. The functions that can be controlled are Exposure compensation, ISO, Bracketing, HDR (off, Auto, 1, 2, 3, Adv), Viewfinder grid (off, on), Shake reduction on/off, Crop (auto, on, off) and Wi-Fi (off, on).

Other fantastic Features
  1. Focus peaking in video mode will assist with manual focusing.
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to directly connect to the camera using a mobile device for image transfer and remote camera control.
  3. Real-time Scene Analysis system has been upgraded to look at exposure, color, faces, movement, and more in order to automatically select the proper exposure settings for optimal image capture.
  4. Record images in DNG raw, Pentax raw, or JPEG with selectable quality and resolutions.
  5. APS-C crop mode will allow full compatibility with existing APS-C format lenses.
  6. Aperture and shutter speed priority mode (TAv) allows you to manually select aperture and shutter speed while leaving ISO selection to the camera.
  7. Optional adapter enables users to mount 645 series medium-format lenses to the K-1.
  8. Diffraction Correction function will account for diffraction at small apertures and improve image sharpness.
  9. More information about Pentax K-1 HERE

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Pentax K-1 body kit Pentax K-1 body kit Pentax K-1 body kit

What's in the Box?

- PENTAX K-1 body



Optional Accessories

Pentax D-BG6 Battery Grip

Pentax D-LI90 Rechargeable Battery

Pentax O-ME53 1.2X Magnifying Loupe

Pentax Remote Control F

Pentax Flashes


Original Pentax M42 to K mount Adaptor

Original Pentax Body Mount Cap K



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Why buy imported grey units which has no or limited warranty. Worse still the product source is unknown and the quality uncertain. Get from us. Our Pentax comes with 1 + 1 year ( total 2 years) DSC World Sdn Bhd warranty (the official Malaysia's distributor for Pentax) if you register online. Buy with confidence! Activate your 2 years warranty HERE