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Irix 11mm F4.0 Firefly lens (for Pentax K)

Irix 11mm F4.0 Firefly lens (for Pentax K)

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Brand: IRIX (1 year warranty)
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Irix 11mm F4.0 Firefly lens (for Pentax K)

Full Frame Lens  ▪  Swiss Design  ▪  126⁰ FOV Rectilinear Lens  ▪  Weather-sealed Construction  ▪  Polycarbonate body  ▪  Large F4.0 Aperture  ▪  Neutrino Coating  ▪  Focus Calibration  ▪  High Refractive index elements  ▪  Optimization for 50+ megapixel sensors  ▪  Infinity Click and Hyperfocal Scale  ▪  Focus Lock  ▪  Rounded Aperture Blades  ▪ Supports Rear Gelatin Filter  ▪  Electronic Aperture Control with Auto Exposure  

Irix 11mm F4.0 Firefly lens

This is an ultra wide-angle, rectilinear manual lens designed for DSLR cameras. It guarantees exceptional optical performance. Irix Swiss Design stands for minimalism in style while maintaining maximum functionality. It is a perfect mixture of European design combined with Korean precision. The same look and feel of all products in the Irix family. The same consistency, product packaging and complementary elements, all perfectly shaped and fitting one another.

Our 11mm lens is an extremely wide Full Frame rectilinear lens with a 126° angle of view. 4 high refractive lenses, 2 ED lenses and 3 aspherical lenses guarantee minimal distortion, as low as 3.13%, making our 11mm f/4.0 lens absolutely unique in its class.

We know how important it is to protect your gear. Our Irix lenses are made with phenomenal precision. Each Irix lens is equipped with a weather sealed construction which protects the interior against dust and moisture. Thanks to inner seals, our lenses are also protected from accidental water splashes. No matter the journey, you can be confident that our weather sealed lenses will offer you maximum resistance to the extremes.

Combining capabilities specific to analogue photography with ingenious technology and solutions, the Irix lens is the perfect tool for both professionals and hobbyists. The new special features such as focus lock, infinity click and hyperfocal scale set a new level of manual lens functionality. Focus lock enables to lock the focus ring at any time enssuring the chosen settings. Hyperfocal distance scale gives information about the accessible range for depth of field for a given aperture simply and intuitively. When the focusing ring is set in the “infinity” position, there is a noticeable “click” (infinity click), making it easier to find the value without looking. Now you can fix your eyes on the image and concentrate on the composition.

Our Firefly lens offers ultra lightweight construction makes it the perfect choice for hikers, travellers, or anyone who simply likes to pack light. The ergonomic, anti-slip, rubber coated focus ring makes for a practical, user-friendly lens. This lightweight option is ideal for on the go photography, without any compromise on optical quality.

Irix 11mm F4.0 Firefly lens

The retaining ring of the frontal lens is free from engraving, printing or any other form of marking. This therefore prevents unwanted internal reflections when using high density filters.

You can lock the focus ring at any time securing the setting that you choose. Precision, comfort and ingenious solutions. Irix 11mm comes with Electronic Aperture Control allowing you to control the aperture value via your camera. Auto Exposure/ AE is part of this fantastic feature helping the user to select the exposure value automatically.

While IRIX has made every effort to ensure that each lens leaving the factory has been properly calibrated, the lens is designed to allow you the unique opportunity to calibrate the lens for a particular model of your camera. This ensure your focusing is always accurate to your expectation.

Differences between Firefly model and Blackstone model

The Firefly series is optically identical to the Blackstone series. Other than that, below are their differences.

Firefly and Blackstone Differences

Specification of Irix 11mm F4.0 Firefly lens (for Pentax K)

IMAGE SIZE 35mm Full Frame
FIELD OF VIEW 126⁰ (diagonal)
FOCUS RANGE 0.275 m (0.9 ft) - ∞
FOCUS TYPE manual with lock function
APERTURE RANGE f/4.0 – f/22
APERTURE SHAPE 9 rounded blades
LENS CONSTRUCTION 16 elements in 10 groups
DIMENSIONS (DXH) 118 x 103 mm (4.49” x 4.05”)
WEIGHT 730-790g (1.61 - 1.74 lbs)

Distortion Chart for IRIX 11mm F4.0 Lens

Irix 11mm F4.0 distortion

MTF Chart for IRIX 11mm F4.0 Lens

Irix 11mm F4.0 MTF

Irix 11mm Lens Element Contruction

Irix 11mm Lens Element Contructions

IRIX 11mm Sample Photos

Irix 15mm Sample photos

What's in the Box?

- Irix 11mm F4.0 Firefly lens (for Pentax K)

- Hood

- Lens cover

- Mount cover

- Protective Pouch

- 1 year local manufacturer warranty coverage