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Pentax D-BG7 Battery Grip

Pentax D-BG7 Battery Grip

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Brand: Pentax
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Pentax D-BG7 Battery Grip

Instantly Double Camera's Shooting Capacity ▪ Designed for the Pentax KP DSLR Camera ▪ Dustproof, Weather-Resistant Construction ▪ Provides Extra Set of Control Buttons & Dual Electronic Dials ▪ Enables Users Vertical Handheld Shooting ▪ Better Handling When Using a Heavy Lens ▪ Supports both Pentax D-LI109 and D-LI90 Lithium-Ion Battery

Pentax D-BG7

The Pentax D-BG7 is a battery grip for exclusive use with the Pentax KP DSLR.

Not only it enhanced the overall system ergonomic, it allows carrying of extra battery and memory card for extended power and shots

Pentax D-BG7

The PENTAX KP supports optional battery grip system for easy, quick change of the grip to accommodate the photographer’s shooting style.

This battery grip features a dustproof, weather-resistant with 47 weather-sealed parts, and provides an extra set of control buttons (shutter release, AF/AE lock, exposure compensation/Fx3, and green), and a pair of electronic dials to facilitate vertical position shooting. This grip is a must have accessory for photographers who take portraiture.


Pentax D-BG7

It comes with the Pentax O-GP1672 Grip L for improved handling when a telephoto or large aperture lens is mounted on the camera.

The grip supports the large-capacity Pentax D-LI90 Lithium-ion Battery (using the included tray) for extended shooting sessions. The grip also include an adapter/ insert for user to use Pentax D-LI109 Lithium Ion battery. This multi battery support capability really makes the grip an essential accessory to all Pentax KP users.