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Pentax KP Body Kit (Silver) with Pentax DA 50mm F1.8 lens

Pentax KP Body Kit (Silver) with Pentax DA 50mm F1.8 lens

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Brand: Pentax
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Pentax KP Body Kit (Silver) with Pentax DA 50mm F1.8 lens

24.3MP APS-C AA-Filterless CMOS Sensor ▪ Weather-Sealed Magnesium Alloy Body ▪ ISO 819200 ▪ 1/24000 shutter speed ▪ 5-axis shake-reduction system ▪ 27-point AF system and Image Accelerator Unit ▪ 14-bit image processing engine ▪ 3.0" 921k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor ▪ -3EV AF sensitivity ▪ 7 fps burst speed ▪ Pixel Shift Resolution ▪ Built-In Wi-Fi ▪ Exchangeable Grip ▪ Full HD 1080p30 Video ▪ 4K Interval Movie ▪ Pentax O-GPS1 support ▪ 100% Viewfinder Coverage with 0.95x Magnification ▪ Night vision red light LCD display

 Pentax KP with DA 50mm F1.8

The PENTAX KP incorporates a new 24.32 effective megapixels APS-C-size CMOS image sensor to produce high-resolution images. It features a design free of the optical anti-aliasing filter to optimize the image sensor’s outstanding resolving power. The result is sharp, fine-detailed images with true to life color and sense of depth.


This sensor combines with the power of the PRIME IV 14-bit image processing engine with accelerator unit. This imaging engine and the accelerator unit greatly expand the upper limit of its sensitivity range (up to ISO 819200) without generating disturbing noise , high-level noise reduction to realize flawless, high-speed operation as well as super-high-sensitivity, high-resolution imaging. All these translate to high-resolution, rich-gradation images with remarkable reproduction of the subject’s texture and a true-to-life sense of depth, even at higher sensitivities.


The KP uses the latest Pixel shift resolution system with a new motion correction function, which captures four images of the same scene at full color by shifting the image sensor by a single pixel for each image, and then synthesizes them into a single composite image. This innovative system delivers exceptional clarity, lowers noise, and boosts the effective resolution. This feature is a must have solution for users taking product photography. This is This Pixel shift resolution system is now enhanced to allow hand-held operation expanding its usability in field operation etc landscape photography.


Another capability is an Image Composition Assist function, which allows you to shift the sensor up/down and left/right as well as slightly rotate it. This lets users easily adjust their composition without needing to move their camera and can be useful for delicately balanced tripod work.


Innovative AA filter simulator to minimize moiré. By applying microscopic vibrations to the image sensor unit at the sub-pixel level during image exposure, the KP’s AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator provides the same level of moiré reduction as an optical AA filter. Unlike an optical filter, which always creates the identical result, this innovative simulator lets the user not only switch the anti-aliasing filter effect on and off, but also to adjust the level of the effect. This means that the ideal effect can be set for a particular scene or subject.


Shooting in low light condition confuses ordinary autofocus systems, while making manual focusing very difficult. Even with low-contrast subjects positioned under dim light, however, the PENTAX KP’s advanced SAFOX 11 AF system captures the subject in sharp focus and optimum exposure.  It is able to focus even at the darkest situation down to -3EV making sure you can lock on to subjects quickly and accurately. This phase-detection TTL autofocus method offers 27 points, with 25 cross-type points in the center for improved accuracy. The camera offers a dedicated LED AF assist light.

Three center sensors — one in the middle and two others positioned above and below it — are designed to detect the luminance flux of an F2.8 lens for high-precision autofocusing. When using a very fast lens with a maximum aperture of larger than F2.8, these sensors assure focusing accuracy better than that of other sensors (designed for a F5.6 luminance flux). Coupled with its super-high sensitivity of ISO 819200, it lets you capture well-defined, sharply focused images of low-lit scenes, without resorting to manual operation.


With the PENTAX KP allows you to customize your AF requirement. You can customize an autofocus action setting depending on the subject. It lets you set the timing of autofocus action from such options as focus/release-priority and advance-speed-priority modes. In the AF hold mode, it provides a choice of three settings based on the duration of AF hold, from the moment the subject leaves the in-focus point to the restart of autofocus operation.


The approximately 100% field of view of the PENTAX KP’s viewfinder provides an image field almost identical in size to that of the captured image. The optical design provides a real-time view of the subject, while its Pentaprism delivers a large, well-defined image field at approximately 0.95-times magnification (with a 50mm F1.4 lens set at infinity). The Natural Bright Matte III focusing screen makes it easy to identify the in-focus point even during manual-focus operation. This standard focusing screen is replaceable with optional screens to accommodate specialized applications.


The PENTAX KP’s compact and slim design optimizes performance, operability and portability in challenging situation. Egononomic has always been one of Pentax's strong suits, and the KP is no exception. The PENTAX KP’s exterior casing is made of highly rigid, lightweight magnesium alloy with remarkable durability and outstanding electromagnetic-shielding performance. Coupled with a high-rigidity, corrosion-resistant metallic chassis, it forms an extremely durable, dependable body structure. The KP is weather-shielded with 67 sealing parts, applied to the control buttons and dials, covers and exterior joints. The camera is designed to handle freezing temperatures as well, with a rating down to -10C. All this is to ensure your system serve your faithfully in all climate condition.


The Pentax KP is equipped with a 5-axis Shake Reduction II system that can counter the effects of camera shake by up to 5 stops. This larger system is optimized for the full-frame sensor and can account for yaw, pitch, and roll as well as vertical and horizontal motion of the camera. Also, due to the stabilization being incorporated into the KP's body, it functions with every K-mount lens be it manual focus or auto focus lens.


Working with the PRIME IV imaging engine and the approximately 86,000-pixel RGB light-metering sensor, this system features an advanced image detection algorithm developed by adopting a breakthrough artificial intelligence technology called deep learning. Based on factors such as brightness distribution in the image field and the subject’s shape, color and motion, it performs in-depth analysis of each individual scene, and selects the most appropriate finishing touch for a given scene or subject. It also works in tandem with other functions to optimize the accuracy and performance of the camera’s auto-exposure and autofocus systems

 Pentax KP

The PENTAX KP provides a choice of mechanical and electronic shutter modes. In the electronic shutter mode,* the shutter unit produces very little noise and vibration during shutter-curtain operation, making it ideal for shooting in locations where silence is required. This mode also provides a top shutter speed of 1/24000 second, making it handy when you want to use an open aperture in bright, sunny locations. In Live View or mirror lock-up shooting, it provides even quieter, lower-vibration operation.


The KP is capable of Full HD video at up to 30p or 60i using H.264 compression. This enables photographers to add high-resolution motion capture to their arsenal without needing to carry another camera. Also, when shooting in HD 720p, users can shoot at up to 60p. Additionally, the camera is NTSC/PAL switchable and it is equipped with a microphone jack for high-quality audio support. Interval shooting is available with a movie mode to automatically create time-lapse videos at up to 4K resolution.

During movie recording, you can use the Continuous AF (AF.C) mode, or take advantage of such advanced features as aperture control function, SR mechanism, and creative image-capture tools. You can even record stereo sound with the built-in microphone and an external microphone, and adjust the audio level. When the Still-image/LV/Movie switch lever is set to Movie position, you can activate the camera in the movie recording standby mode.


The PENTAX KP supports optional battery grip system for easy, quick change of the grip to accommodate the photographer’s shooting style. Not only it enhanced the overall system ergonomic, it allows carrying of extra battery for extended power. The optional Pentax D-BG7 offers a variety of customization functions to simplify and enhance camera operation, including Smart Function for speedy selection and easy setting of desired camera functions using the Fx (Function) and setting dials; and control panel customization to change the panel’s layout to suit the photographer’s preference.


 Keep your camera as compact as possible or enhance the grip for working with large telephoto zooms with the new exchangeable grip system of the Pentax KP. Three different grip sizes are available. The medium size is ideal for most standard lenses and situations while the small will shrink the camera down while using compact primes. The large grip provides a hefty, secure feeling that enhances control when using large, heavy lenses.


To make sure your images are dust-free, the Pentax KP uses ultrasonic vibrations generated by a piezoelectric element to the optical glass panel placed in front of the image sensor, this mechanism effectively removes dust particles clinging to the image sensor surface, and prevents annoying dust spots from appearing on captured images.

The PENTAX KP’s shutter unit has exceptional durability. It is capable to withstand a total of 100,000 shutter release actions. It assures outstanding operational precision and exceptional dependability, which are required for extended shooting sessions and demanded by the most exacting photographers.


Want to capture beautiful images of celestial bodies without the aid of an equatorial platform?  When the optional O-GPS1 Unit (built-in GPS, Compass, and AstroTracer) is mounted, the PENTAX KP work with the camera’s SRII shake reduction to capture rock-steady images of heavenly objects in the night sky without streaking or blurring during long exposures.


Based on the data obtained by the GPS unit, it calculates the movement of celestial bodies with great accuracy, then shifts the image sensor in synchronization with this motion. Since it captures stars without a streaking effect even during extended exposures, you can record faint stars as point images.


The PENTAX KP’s Digital Level detects and displays the camera’s horizontal and vertical tilt and swing, making it easy to accurately level the scene. During viewfinder shooting, it indicates the horizontal tilt on a bar scale, allowing you to confirm the horizontal alignment of the image without taking your eye from the subject.


The PENTAX KP provides three Fx buttons to which you can assign frequently used functions. You can also customize the function of the AF/AE-L button, or assign a different set of functions to the front and rear e-dials and/or the green button for each exposure mode.


The PENTAX KP’s LCD monitor features a versatile tilt mechanism, which you can position at any desired angle for effortless, fatigue-free shooting in high- and low-angle photography. In addition to Air Gapless structure used to minimize internal reflections, its tempered-glass cover assures excellent visibility even in sunny outdoor locations, while effectively protecting it from scratches. The PENTAX KP features an outdoor-friendly LCD monitor whose brightness level can be instantly adjusted to the desired level: brighter during outdoor shooting in sunshine, or dimmer during nightscape photography. Because the monitor settings are assigned to the Function dial as the default setting of the smart function, you can quickly set the desired brightness level with a single twist of the dial. This monitor also provides a Night Vision LCD Display function, which prevents eye strain or fatigue after they have become accustomed to a dark location during astronomical and nighttime photography. By assigning this function to the Fx1 button, you can instantly switch the display mode between normal display and Night Vision LCD Display with pushbutton ease.


Pentax KP

In the Live View mode, the PENTAX KP provides a wide range of convenient image-capture functions, including Grid Display, Digital Level, and Extract Edge to facilitate manual-focus operation. It also has a switching lever for still-image, Live View and movie shooting. By setting the lever to the LV position, you can quickly activate the camera in the Live View standby mode. Focusing Peak which hilites the subject in focus and display them on the LCD further enhanced the Manual Focus capability and enjoyment.


By connecting the PENTAX KP via USB to a personal computer equipped with the IMAGE Transmitter 2 tethering software*, you can adjust the camera’s exposure settings, release its shutter while observing a Live View image, and confirm captured images on your computer. You can even program the system to automatically transmit captured images to your computer and save them in its storage for time-efficient operation.


The PENTAX KP provides a set of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) functions for operation using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. By installing the dedicated Image Sync application* in your mobile device, you can also browse captured images and remotely control camera operations from a distance.


When enlarged to a certain size, a captured image can appear as a low-resolution image because the camera’s sharpness-control process outlines the subject with thick lines. To solve this problem, the PENTAX KP provides a pair of sharpness-enhancing tools, in addition to normal sharpness processing. The Fine Sharpness function outlines the subject with thinner, more natural lines than those created by normal processing to produce sharp, fine-detailed images. The Extra Sharpness function emphasizes the subject’s outline more prominently with much finer lines to capture high-quality, fine-textured images.


The PENTAX KP provides a host of lens correction functions to effectively compensate for distortion, vignetting at the edges, and lateral chromatic aberration caused by specific lens properties. It also minimizes the drop in resolving power caused by diffraction when shooting at closed-down apertures. Based on the data obtained, it provides exposure compensation of up to approximately two aperture stops,* making it useful for applications such as scenic photography, where you must increase the depth of field without worrying about the effect of diffraction.


More Pentax KP spec here

Video on Pentax KP

This kit comes withPentax DA 50mm F1.8 lens


Designed for exclusive use with PENTAX K-mount interchangeable-lens digital cameras, this unifocal, medium-telephoto lens features a large maximum aperture of F1.8 and a round diaphragm to produce a natural, beautiful bokeh (out-of-focus) effect, making it ideal for portrait, still life, or low light photography.

The lens is treated with PENTAX's acclaimed smc coating for maximum light transmission, sharp definition, and high contrast while minimizing flare and ghost imaging.

Its front surface is treated with the PENTAX-original SP (Super Protect) coating, which repels dust, water, grease, and other substances that may adhere to the surface of the lens.

Its outstanding performance and compact, lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for photographers of all levels.


Lens mount:
Angle of View: 31.5° (with PENTAX DSLR camera body)
Lens Construction(group/elements) 6 elements in 5 groups
Aperture (f) F1.8 to F22
Min. Focusing Distance 0.45m
Max. Magnification (macro range) 0.15X
Diameter & Length (mm) 63.0 x 38.5 mm
Filter Size (mm) 52mm
Weight 122g
Pentax DA 50mm F1.8


More photos of Pentax DA 50mm F1.8 HERE



What's in the Box?

Pentax KP Body Kit 
Strap O-ST162
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery D-LI109
Battery Charger D-BC109
AC plug cord
Software (CD-ROM) S-SW167
Grip S O-GP167 (on Camera)
Digital Camera Utility 5
Pentax DA 50mm F1.8 lens

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